Community Emergency Response Team

During the first few hours and days following a disaster, government agencies could be overwhelmed. This would leave citizens, neighborhoods and businesses to help themselves for hours if not days. Be prepared, help your community, become a C.E.R.T member today.

Group of CERT team members working together

Woodburn Fire Department C.E.R.T. instructors

  • Train citizen to be safe and effective neighborhood C.E.R.T. teams.
  • Train volunteers to take lifesaving action to help families, neighbors, businesses and neighborhoods get through the first few hours or days following a major disaster when emergency services are overwhelmed.

Learn valuable skills

  • How to prepare you, your family and neighbors for a disaster.
  • C.E.R.T. organization during a response.
  • How to identify life threatening injuries, open an airway, control major bleeding and treat for shock.
  • How to use First Aid for various possible injuries.
  • Locating electrical, natural gas and water utilities and how to turn them off.
  • Safely extinguishing small fires.
  • Recognizing hazards most likely to affect your community.
  • How to safely search a building.
  • Safe practices for you and your team.
Group of CERT team members working together
CERT Instructor giving presentation to class


We offer two classes every year. Classes are held at the Woodburn Fire District headquarters. Every February and March, spring classes are held for six weeks on Monday evenings. Our fall classes are held for two and half weeks in September and October.

Time commitment – After the initial training, we encourage our members to attend a minimum of four 2-hour refreshers classes that are held on a monthly basis. C.E.R.T members are asked to participate in a least one of four major events over the course of the year. Those events are: Woodburn Fire District/Walmart Kids Bike Rodeo in May, Brooks Steam-Up in July/August, Mt. Angel October Fest in September, and/or Woodburn Fire District Open House & Safety Fair in October.

Other Opportunities – C.E.R.T members may also participate in our Fire Fighter Rehab program, and our Emergency First Responder Training.