Community Emergency Response Team

During the first few hours and days following a disaster, government agencies could be overwhelmed. This would leave citizens, neighborhoods and businesses to help themselves for hours if not days. Be prepared, help your community, become a C.E.R.T member today.

Group of CERT team members working together

Woodburn Fire Department C.E.R.T. instructors

  • Train citizen to be safe and effective neighborhood C.E.R.T. teams.
  • Train volunteers to take lifesaving action to help families, neighbors, businesses and neighborhoods get through the first few hours or days following a major disaster when emergency services are overwhelmed.

Learn valuable skills

  • How to prepare you, your family and neighbors for a disaster.
  • C.E.R.T. organization during a response.
  • How to identify life threatening injuries, open an airway, control major bleeding and treat for shock.
  • How to use First Aid for various possible injuries.
  • Locating electrical, natural gas and water utilities and how to turn them off.
  • Safely extinguishing small fires.
  • Recognizing hazards most likely to affect your community.
  • How to safely search a building.
  • Safe practices for you and your team.
Group of CERT team members working together
CERT Instructor giving presentation to class


Interested in being a C.E.R.T Member???  Please click on the application link, fill out the form and email it to CERT@woodburnfire.com.

Time commitment – After the initial training, we encourage our members to attend a minimum of four 2-hour refreshers classes that are held on a monthly basis. C.E.R.T members are asked to participate in a least one of four major events over the course of the year. Those events are: Woodburn Fire District/Walmart Kids Bike Rodeo in May, Brooks Steam-Up in July/August, Mt. Angel October Fest in September, and/or Woodburn Fire District Open House & Safety Fair in October.

Other Opportunities – C.E.R.T members may also participate in our Fire Fighter Rehab program, and our Emergency First Responder Training.