On June 16, 20 year Woodburn Fire District veteran Joe Jacobucci was sworn in as a career lieutenant during a ceremony held at the board of directors meeting at the district’s main fire station. Lieutenant Jacobucci was promoted following the retirement of 19 year veteran career Lieutenant Darin Unrein on May 31st.

Jacobucci is one of three career lieutenants that serve as front line supervisors for the fire district to ensure the 24 hour operational readiness of the district personnel and equipment, manage emergency scenes, train firefighters and ensure that the policies and procedures of the fire district are upheld in the delivery of emergency services. During nights, weekends and holidays, Woodburn Fire District lieutenants oversee all of the resources of the fire district when the district’s fire chief and operations chief are off-duty.

“The role of lieutenant is the most important position in the fire service”, commented Woodburn Fire Chief Joe Budge.  “They ensure the district resources are used in the most efficient and effective way possible in the protection of life and property while safeguarding the firefighters under their command. Lieutenant Jacobucci has the experience, skill and proven leadership ability to perform his new duties with a high level of professionalism.”

Throughout his years of service, Jacobucci has been the recipient of many awards and commendations including the Woodburn Fire District Silver Medal of Valor for life saving efforts following the 2008 bank bombing.  In 2006, and again in 2018, Jacobucci was named the career firefighter of the year and in 2018 he received a ribbon of merit for his work as part of a Woodburn crew deployed to the Campfire conflagration that decimated the city of Paradise, California.  Jacobucci has also been recognized with a letter of commendation for his work in implementing the district’s peer support program which helps firefighters cope with the traumatic events that first responders face as a routine part of the job. Lieutenant Jacobucci is an advanced emergency medical technician, holds an associate’s degree in fire protection technology and maintains many firefighting certifications.

Lieutenant Jacobucci and wife Kelly have been residents of the Woodburn community for more than 20 years and their daughters all graduated from Woodburn High School.  Daughter Jorden Jacobucci, is seeking a career in the fire service and currently serves as a volunteer firefighter for the fire district.

When not on duty, Jacobucci can often be found volunteering his time for the Woodburn Restore that provides donated building materials at low cost to area residents and jobs for those in need. Community service is a value that has been a part of Jacobucci’s life for many years. It was work as a volunteer firefighter in Woodburn that convinced Jacobucci that a career in the fire service was to be his career path.