Close up of person practicing CPR on dummy

The Woodburn Fire District is now offering CPR instruction for those that live and work within the area served by the fire district. This program is part of an effort to further improve the survivability of a cardiac arrest. CPR classes are taught by district firefighters and are being provided at the main fire station on Newberg Highway.

According to American Red Cross, 475,000 Americans each year experience a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting. The early initiation of bystander CPR will sustain the life of a cardiac arrest victim while waiting for the arrival of emergency responders. In a case study conducted by the fire district involving 16 cardiac arrest incidents that have occurred in the district within the last year, 10 received bystander CPR prior to the arrival of firefighter paramedics. Of those 10 patients, 83 percent regained a spontaneous pulse and blood pressure prior to ambulance delivery to the hospital emergency department.

Fire Chief Joe Budge stated, “If there is a bystander trained in CPR that recognizes a cardiac arrest and is ready, willing, and able to act, they can double or triple survival rates if they begin immediate CPR. Empowering our community members to provide CPR will save lives in this community. ”

In addition to learning CPR, class participants will become knowledgeable in the use of automatic external defibrillators (AED). AED’s deliver life-saving shocks that have the ability to restart the heart of a cardiac arrest victim. These devices are found in public buildings including schools, churches, shopping malls and any place where groups of people gather. Attendees will also receive instruction on the Pulse Point App that alerts CPR trained individuals of the occurrence of a cardiac arrest within a quarter of mile radius of their location.

The community CPR program is being launched following the start of the fire district’s advanced life support (ALS) program funded by the 2018 levy that ensures that a firefighter paramedic with advanced life support training is on duty at all times. Chief Budge stated that, “the advanced life support program and community CPR initiative are part of the district’s effort to raise the percentage cardiac of survivability well above the national average. The Woodburn Fire District is extremely grateful for the support of the district’s commitment to improve and maintain the safety and well-being of the residents of the communities we serve.”

The CPR class schedule is posted on the fire district website. Classes are offered on a frequent basis and are limited in size in order to maintain compliance with Covid-19 prevention requirements. The classes are funded by tuition charges and the district hopes to offset the $80.00 per person cost by establishing community partners who choose to support the program.

For more information about the Community CPR classes including class sign-ups and sponsorship opportunities, visit or call the main fire station at (503) 982-2360.

Contact – Joe Budge, Fire Chief – Woodburn & Hubbard Fire Districts 503-982-2360