Headquarters - Station 21

Constructed in 1976, the Woodburn Fire District Headquarters Station (Station 21) is located at 1776 Newberg Highway. With the addition and remodel of the Station in 2004, the building is just over 20,000 square feet, which provides space for administrative/shift offices, an apparatus bay, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, a conference room and a training room. Station 21 is staffed with a firefighter crew 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Apparatus located at headquarters are: Engine 21, Pumper 21, Tender 21, Air 21, Ladder 21 and Brush 21.

James Street - Station 22

The James Street Station (Station 22) is located at 1650 James Street, just west of Highway 99E in Woodburn. It is a 4,680 square foot concrete tilt-up building constructed in 1976. The station houses two offices, a kitchen, restrooms, dorms and storage space. The apparatus bays consume the largest part of the station. Apparatus located at the James Street Station are: Engine 22 and Tender 22.

Waconda - Station 24

The Waconda Station (Station 24) is located at 11484 River Road, southwest of Woodburn. The meeting/training room is a 1,200 square foot concrete block building, while the apparatus bay is a 4,000 square foot metal, pole-type structure. Apparatus located at the Waconda Station are: Engine 24, Tender 24 and Pumper 24.

Broadacres - Station 25

The Broadacres Station (Station 25) is located at 18676 Butteville Road, on the west side of Interstate 5. The building is a 2,300 square foot, Truss-T structure and houses a single meeting room, kitchenette, restroom and apparatus bay. Apparatus located at the Broadacres Station are: Tender 25, Pumper 25 and WFD's antique engines.

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