Student Resident Volunteers

Woodburn Fire District has maintained a longstanding commitment with regional colleges providing work experience opportunities for fire science students through our Student Resident Volunteer Program. College students currently enrolled in fire science career curriculum programs are encouraged to apply for this unique hands-on learning opportunity. Through the SRV program, it is our intent to help fire science students develop necessary skills and acquire applicable knowledge that is needed in a fire service oriented career, during their tenure with us.

Program Benefits :

  • Free housing
  • Very flexible volunteer hours and independent scheduling
  • Experience in the field
  • Networking with current career fire fighters and fire district staff
  • Resume experience

Program Operations

The program manager will oversee the application process, conduct interviews with prospective candidates and

select new residents from the applicant pool to fill vacancies in the program as needed. The SRV program is designed to mimic the organizational structure of the department, with more leniency for busy students. Students can choose to sign up for shift assignments, upon which they will report directly to a shift supervisor. Residents who are off-duty in the station will be under supervision of the on-duty shift supervisor and career firefighters.

Student Resident Volunteer Roster

Ginger Becker

November 2018

Zack Richardson

November 2018

Andrew Dummer

February 2019

Troy Jordan

March 2019

Jake Veenker

May 2019

Brock Rogers

May 2019

For more information, please contact our Headquarters office at (503) 982-2360

Resident Coordinator:

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